The Clinic

A truly bespoke service

We will endeavour to make you feel at home and part of Dr Hegde’s Dental family from the moment you arrive. Our dental practice is a space designed to make you feel calm and relaxed throughout your visit.

We keep our prices as competitive as possible. Our dentists will always provide a full treatment cost before carrying out any procedures. If you need any clarification regarding your treatment and cost, please discuss this with our reception team. 

Following a dental examination, the dental team will always explain and discuss treatment options suited to you, to help you decide your preferred course of action. Following this, a clear treatment plan will be devised with a full quotation and indication of prices in advance. No treatment will be commenced without your express consent and understanding. 

State of the art technology

Our advanced technology means that our working practices are more efficient and streamlined, so you will always receive a smooth service and excellent treatment at every visit. 

In addition, for our team it is fantastic to have the best equipment at their fingertips. Using the most modern techniques and tools gives them additional confidence in their day-to-day work.

  • Intra-oral scanners
  • Digital X-rays
  • Dental lasers
  • Rotary machines
  • Physio-dispensers
  • Sterilisers
  • Centralised suction system
  • Pentamix impression material dispenser
  • Digital Vita shade guide
  • New generation dental chairs
  • Ultra sonic scalers

All technology in-house

Because we have all the modern technology in-house there is no need to go elsewhere for a scan or a test and we can do almost everything in one appointment.

Intra-oral scanners

An intra-oral scanner is a handheld device used to directly create digital impression data of the oral cavity. This is faster, more comfortable and more accurate than using paste for perfectly fitting crowns.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays produce detailed, very sharp images allowing to detect more from a single image than we could from a film X-ray. They also produce less radiation than film X-rays, making them safer.

– Orthopantomogram (OPG): provides a panoramic view of the upper and lower jaw, including the teeth.

– RadioVisioGraphy (RVG): reduces the exposure to radiation by 80% for patients and the sensor gives instant results.

– Upgradable to CBCT: single exposure, low radiation for multiple teeth.

Dental lasers

Enables single sitting RCT. It eliminates gum disease and is used for the treatment of tooth hyper-sensitivity, oral ulcers, teeth whitening, and soft tissue surgeries (granulomas and more).

Digital Vita shade guide

For accurate colour matching of prosthesis.


We use:

  • B-class – the most advanced steriliser as per international standards post covid    
  • N-class
  • Ultra-sonic cleaners
  • Glass bead sterilizer
  • UV- chamber – preserves sterilisation until usage
Centralised suction system

For improved hygiene and ergonomics & comfort for the patient and the professional.

It reduces the risk of complications.

Pentamix impression material dispenser

Gives a uniform mix of impression material leading to highly accurate teeth impressions for snug fit crowns.


Helps to embed implants into the bone.

New generation dental chairs

Highly sophisticated for ultimate comfort and safety during treatments

Ultra sonic scalers

For teeth cleaning

Rotary machines

These are used in single sitting RCT along with lasers to achieve clean and sterile tooth canals.